Captain Brandon Sharp

I’m Brandon, the owner here at Flats Hunter Charters and I’d like to thank you for taking a minute to get to know us better. One of the things we all have in common here at Flats Hunter is a passion for fishing and a long history of chasing that passion. I grew up fishing bass and bluegill in rivers and farm ponds in mid-Missouri. By the time I hit 14 I had found the fly rod and made it my weapon of choice. Shortly after, I tied my first “fly” using vice grips to hold the hook. I had no idea at that time just how far my relationship with fishing would take me. I cut my teeth trout guiding at 23 and was fortunate enough to spend nearly 15 years of my life working for some of the finest outfitters and lodges in the world. I bounced around from CO to OR, AK to Chile chasing trout and sea runs in some of the most wild and beautiful places around. And then I found saltwater and everything changed again.

It was just over 10 years ago now that I hooked my first tarpon and immediately knew where I needed to be. I directed every minute and penny I had into learning saltwater fishing. It renewed it my passion for both fishing and tying and proved to be the greatest challenge of my fishing career. Over the last decade I have enjoyed countless hours and incredible experiences on the water here in the Florida Keys. I’ve found a home for myself, made an incredible group of friends who are just as passionate as myself about their work, and even learned how to trick a few of these critters along the way. I invite you to come down and see for yourself what makes these waters so special.