When fishing the flats in a tropical environment there are a few things that you will need to bring and a few other items that you will want to bring in order to stay comfortable and enjoy your trip. Here are a few items to consider.

Polarized Glasses

The single most important thing to bring. This is SIGHT fishing, you can’t catch what you can’t see!


It will keep the sun off your head and shade your eyes to help you see.

Sunscreen / SPF Lip Balm

The sun and its reflection can be tough, you will want to be protected.

Breathable, Lightweight Clothes

There are many options here, but you will want clothes that both allow a breeze through and keep the sun out. NO COTTON!


We practice catch and release fishing in order to sustain our resources. The photos will capture a memory that lasts forever.

Rain Gear

It’s not unusual for a storm to pop up. It’s nice to stay dry and cool at the same time.


The boat will have all the gear that you will need for the day, but I encourage you to bring your favorite rods and reels along.

Boat Shoes, Sandals, or Crocs

You are welcome to fish barefoot, but comfortable footwear will reduce fatigue. No dark soled shoes, please.

Food / Drink / Snacks

We will have a cooler on the boat for your use, please bring whatever you would like to eat and drink for the day.

Motion Sickness Medication

We’re not exactly on the open seas, but if you know that you’re prone the sea sickness, it can save your day.

Bug Spray

It’s rarely too bad on the water, but some of the boat ramps can get a little buggy.